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Design philosophy

Atelier Riri is a design and architecture firm founded by Novriansyah Yakub (Riri) in Jakarta. This Firm is a broadening notion to what Riri belived and do since he begin his architectural debute in 2005. Until now the firm has been evolve with the work of architecture, interior, landscape, and product design. All of those works reveal a deep concern on reliable function without set aesthetic values aside. The key to this dedication is always listening to and asking the client which will gather more information to understand and learn essential things of the user’s requirements and demands. Atelier Riri’s point of views on architecture and other fields a of creative design has always been focused on how to connect the live, the surrounding, and the sustainable design minded within a contemporary solutions. Therefore, architecture works will not merely a building, but also a responsive attitude toward its context.


Maintain a clear view on the context and surrounding in order to gain a deeper understanding to produce function, aesthetic, and innovation. With a broad vision on sustainability and eco design, Atelier Riri commited to a develope prefab building for more efficient and practical way of construction. All of those things will be done in a platform of reasonable execution and construction.